The Chakra Sound System

 Welcome to The Chakra Sound System

The CSS is a music-based meditation system, designed to open the pathways to your highest self. The practices presented in the CSS use the transformative power of music and meditation to awaken and release the hidden potential within each of the seven chakras—your subtle body energy centers—guiding you toward the joy of being right here, right now.

In keeping with the age-old tradition of using music and sound for spiritual growth, wisdom, and self-awareness, The Chakra Sound System is the musical expression of unity and wholeness. As your body, mind, and spirit resonate and respond to the music and the spoken meditations, the portals to the higher self swing open. Stepping through these portals you will find amazing gifts: the opportunity to celebrate being in your body, embracing your incarnation completely; and the possibility of integration, becoming the essence of you.

The programs in the CSS will help you:

  • Focus the creative potential within your consciousness
  •  Help you come into your body and celebrate your incarnation
  • Integrate all the aspects of your consciousness into a unified whole
  • Support your breath work
  • Awaken each chakra’s essence
  • Provide a safe, sound environment for you to experience
  • Profound states of transformation
  • Improve your ability to make positive, enlightened choices

Through the consistent practice of using the CSS to musically awaken your chakra energy system, you will find yourself becoming more confident, secure in your ability to make choices, filled with purpose, and profoundly comfortable with who you are.

And because it uses the sacred power of music, the practice of the CSS is simple and easy. You’ll likely find it so pleasing and rewarding, that you will want to use it every day. I hope you gain as much joy and purpose from experiencing the CSS as I have in bringing it to you.

David Ison

Here’s What the Chakra Sound System will Offer

Level One will ground you in the experience of receiving and celebrating the essence of you—incarnation. Level One is a celebration of where you are right now: in your body, in this time, in this place.

Would you like to experience the pure joy of being in your body and feeling the energy of creation and gratitude moving through your chakra system? Level One’s Key of C is the perfect choice.

Do you feel like celebrating your relationships with your family, your spouse, and your friends? Listen and receive the energy of Level One’s Key of D.

Suppose you are having issues with your loved ones and are not finding the joy of relationship at this moment. Listen to the Key of D with an open heart, and receive the presence of gratitude for your relationships.

Level One’s musical sessions offer you seven powerful journeys of celebration and gratitude, and just as importantly, they give you the choice to develop that sense of gratitude and joy only available when you are truly grounded in your body, right here, right now.

Level Two’s musical sessions build on the Level One experience. By grounding you in the practice of receiving, Level One creates the conditions for to you move into the deeper work of Level Two: receiving and integrating each chakra essence into your consciousness.

Level Two’s seven programs move you into integration—opening each chakra, releasing the essence that is waiting there, and creating the opportunity for the conscious embodiment of the essence itself. Level Two is a celebration of where you want to go: into integration and unification.

Would you like to experience the essence of the Throat Chakra’s pure expression? Meditate with Level Two’s Key of G and feel the essence of expression moving you toward speaking your truth.

Do you need to enhance your practice of developing a nonjudgmental perspective and open the gates to the essence of clarity and clear seeing? Calmly sit with Level Two’s Key of A and experience the Brow Chakra filling you with true vision.

In Level Two you are moving toward something, a deepening into the conscious embodiment of the chakra essences and the ultimate integration into wholeness.  Right here, right now.

Listening to the CSS music not only provides you with the opportunity for personal, spiritual, and emotional transformation, it also creates deep states of relaxation by regulating your breath.

Musical structures that slowly rise and fall encourage your body to mimic the breathing patterns of practiced mediators—creating the Breath Effect. Through the Breath Effect, you will find it easy to drop down into a deeply relaxed frame of body and mind, releasing tensions and receiving the bounty of your chakra energy system.

Each morning, choose the chakra question card that corresponds with the energy center you’re working on at the moment. Carry the card with you throughout the day so you can easily take it out, look at it, and remind yourself of your chakra question.  Allowing the answer to come into your mind is a perfect way to clear the pathways for the Essential Self to speak directly to you.

The seven Mudra Cards show you specific, ancient, healing hand gestures known as mudras, which are used by healers, monks, and meditation practitioners across the world. These gestures capture and direct the body’s subtle energy. The Mudras selected for the CSS cards are effective in stimulating specific chakra essences. As you learn the mudras, you can use them anywhere—while you’re meditating to the music, sitting at your desk, lying in bed, or dropping off to sleep.

With practice—simply sitting, listening, and receiving the sounds and their effects—you will begin to experience the vibrations of the energy centers without the aid of the music. Quite naturally you will find yourself resonating with the vibrations of a particular chakra, and suddenly the essence of that chakra will begin to speak to you.

The essences are waiting, locked deep inside your energy body, and are truly compassionate, brimming with unconditional love. Let the music be your guide, your friend, and the key to releasing the Essence of You.

This is to hear the inner voice of your Essential Self. You are beginning to receive the wisdom of you.

The Sacred Science of proportion, creativity and the Universal laws of manifestiation are what gives the Chakra Sound System its extraordinary degree of effectiveness. As a life long student of this ancient wisdom, David Ison has learned how to render the sacred proportions of creation into sound and music.

The music of the CSS is not a representation of these sacred laws and proportions, the music IS the proportion. It is for this reason that listeners receive the very Essence of the energy centers: the music IS the Essence.

In this section of the site, Ison will be regularly posting information on the Sacred Science, letting out a little bit at a time, sharing his knowledge carefully and selectively.  Interested students of the Sacred Arts should check back regularly for these fascinating pieces of the ancient and hidden mysteries.

he Chakra Sound System gains its power and effectiveness through the application of an ancient Sacred Science and the Science of Sound.

Let me tell you a secret: Everything is vibrating; everything is pulsating with the sound of creation. The shimmering, ringing tones of vibration bring into being a simultaneous interplay between action, reaction, and the rising and falling waves of continuous constant change.

Thus, the process of creation unceasingly unfolds and the universe is born, all according to the physics and the Science of Sound.

The philosopher Pythagoras called this primordial sound “The Music of the Spheres.” Sacred Hindu texts refer to it as “The Nada Brahma, the Song of the One, the seed tone.”

The creative essence of the seed tone is indeed, in everything. Proportion, relationship, harmony, form and function, matter and energy are all shaped by the sounding of the sacred seed tone.

If you open your eyes and ears, you will see and hear these structures everywhere. Look at the leaf, listen to the wind, witness the entire universe in the Nautilus shell, or within your own mind. Discover the cycles of life and death, the seasons of the year and the presence of constant change.

All of this, all of existence, is a reflection of the essences of vibration and sound in motion.

Especially music.

Music is the essence of proportion, harmony, and relationship. Music sings the song of creation and tells the story of the never-ending cycles of growth and decay. Music is a way into our very souls and has been used as a vehicle for personal and planetary transformation for thousands of years.