What Health Care Professionals are saying about
TheraSound and the Ison Method



“TheraSound is the NIH’s music of choice”

George Patrick, PHD
Chief of Rehabilitation Medicine (retired)
National Institutes of Healt



“TheraSound balances the body’s energetic system better than any other music I have experienced”

C. Norman Shealy, MD, PHD
Founding President
American Holistic Medical Association



“David Ison’s music should be in every therapist’s office to assist clients in letting go of stress and getting more peacefully connected to their bodies.

Mary Rice, PHD La Jolla CA


“TheraSound is the most relaxing and clinically effective music on the Planet today.”

Jonathan Goldman
Author: Healing Sounds,
President Sound Healers Ass.


“I have waited for years for music that was truly effective. David Ison and TheraSound have done it! This music really works. I use it in my practice everyday.”

Jack Swarz Author,
The Path of Action, Creative Meditation,
founder: The Alethia Foundation


“I’ve been listening to TheraSound regularly for more than twenty years.  I began using it as an aide to my T’ai Chi work, but more and more nowadays I use it to inoculate myself against everyday stress.  I find that it’s a good antidote to the tensions inherent in modern life and working under deadline.  Within a few seconds of hearing the first notes I can feel the relaxation response taking hold as my breathing begins to synchronize with the gentle and rhythmic movement in the chords.  It always works.”

Mike Folie, Play and Speech Writer